O&M Consulting/Engineering

As facilities age and maintenance schedules break down, equipment efficiencies and reliabilities for major engineering systems degrade. This degradation can lead to discomfort, lost business and higher energy and utility costs. In an effort to help remediate underperforming spaces, Tricarico has worked across various industries to provide recommendations and engineering services to bring these spaces and their systems back to their original forms.

We assist our clients with improving their HVAC, lighting/power and plumbing systems in order to promote comfort, optimize performance/reliability and pursue operational savings.

Our O&M services include:

1. Performing site observations to determine issues
2. Providing detailed engineering reports outlining findings, potential causes and potential solutions
3. Providing Construction Document services addressing the best solutions for the client

After several HVAC unit replacement projects, system upgrade studies and general maintenance recommendations, our clients have seen the positive difference Tricarico's expertise can make.